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How to become an Indie Capitalist?

Entrepreneur, solopreneur, consultant, practitioner, artist….however you describe yourself, you’re pursuing work life success on your own terms.

FastNet Media supports your efforts to become known and respected in your chosen realm.  We are laser-focused on the essential pieces of the Indie Business puzzle.


Define your brand and create a strong web persona

FastNet Media’s Needs Assessment and Audience Research tools give clarity to your brand.

Streamline cumbersome digital marketing tasks

Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Pinterest….how many channels do you need?

Simplify your life to focus on your major business goals

Accomplish more by doing less: leverage your energy and pilot your business to profitability.

Create more space for your
entrepreneurial passion to thrive!

Refine and amplify your web presence.

Refine and amplify your web presence

Get out there, get found!

Formulate a dynamic online marketing plan

Create and execute effective social media strategies


Shine in your chosen business niche.


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