Boho Chic: Tasseled crochet necklace with crystals

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Boho tasseled necklace – One of a kind.

Handmade Boho-style statement necklace fashioned of beautiful teal Mexican cotton thread:


  • Swarovski crystals, square gold beads and Clones knotwork with a magnetic closure
  • 24-inch length to top of necklace motif
  • Gold, purple and teal tassel anchored by a milky white bead and a vintage finding
  • Custom variations can be ordered in a range of colors and styles!



$45.00 + $2.50 shipping, within the U.S. and Canada only.



Color Shock – Cape Cod Autumn

A bright-to-mute transition of color heralds the start of the cooler season in New England.
While spending time apple picking, pumpkin-carving and canning the last of the tomatoes, we hardy inhabitants of the Northeast U.S. can view our autumn landscape as an inspirational palette for winter art and craft creativity.




Original1206 049The woodpile grows, windows are weather-proofed, bulbs planted, the gardens put to bed.  Fall festivals and country fairs are in full swing; neighbors share mulled cider and quote the Old Farmer’s Almanac, speculating on the harshness of the coming winter.

We pull out our warm knits and refresh them in the autumn breeze, maybe finding that some hats are too small, some scarves too short, or a sweater riddled with moth holes — and then there’s the Christmas knitting.

Patterns are explored and plans take shape for fall knitting, crochet and quilt projects.



There’s a unique pleasure in choosing the right materials for the right purpose, considering the recipient’s age, coloring and tastes. Our surroundings yield ideas for colorways that we might not have imagined – Nature always surprises, even when ‘helped along’ by man! Native or hybridized, the final splash of autumn color is a welcome and inspiring sight.