Western Massachusetts textile artist Cheryl Rezendes has just launched her new book with Storey Publishing: Fabric Surface Design:

This excellent volume features multiple surface-design ideas and techniques for quilting, sewing and textile art, for both professional and amateur fine-craft practitioners.  The author’s relaxed, conversational approach sets a non-intimidating tone for newbies, and the book’s ‘start-anywhere’ structure invites experimentation and discovery.

Rezendes’ philosophy of creating textile art, indeed art in general, advises letting medium and process determine the direction a creation will take, rather than adhering to a rigid pre-conceived vision of the final piece. Another wise caveat is that not everything an amateur or even professional artist produces will be a masterpiece; learning, practice and the evolution of a style are also worthy outcomes.

Leveraging the author’s deep of knowledge of actual textile painting and production techniques, the reader can build confidence with materials selection, fabric manipulation and final-product maintenance. Beyond that,  Fiber Surface Design’s major value-add lies in Rezendes’ freely-given gems of advice that only long experience can yield, but that relatively few artists readily share.

A recommended addition to any textile lover’s library.