By now most fiber afficionados have learned that Peaches & Creme cotton yarn is defunct – a North Carolina factory produced the last U.S.-made cotton yarn; they sold their equipment, inventory and trademarks to a Canadian firm in early 2011.

  • The bad: 81 workers lost their jobs as a result of the sale & move of the company. According to one insider, the company’s management failed to develop new markets for their product, and relied on the grace and favor of Wallyworld to buy their inventory each month.
  • The good: though the Canadian firm now owns the label (apparently the most valuable asset), much of the ‘old’ stock of Peaches & Creme was sold to discounter Dollar Tree, where, through the jungle telegraph of Ravelry and other fibermedia, a veritable frenzy of seeking and buying has been unleashed. Spacloths, washcloths and dishcloths dancing in their heads, fibernuts are descending upon unsuspecting Dollar Trees like a plague of locusts, cleaning out Peaches & Creme balls in a flash of creative stash-building.

    OK, I bought a few. Lovely ombre tones and some solids. But I’m not saying where in Dennisport MA, USA I found them. I just know I’m knocking out some rich spa cloths in travel size, for holiday gifts.