What is this thing for?

What is this thing for?


Seeing this photo of my niece on a New York street, I pondered the retro fashion revival that’s been spurred on by Bomb Girls and other period dramas like Call the Midwife, starring feisty young women forging the path toward modern feminism. Go girls!

It’s encouraging to see strong women emerging again to champion the young and help them gain the confidence needed to grow into leadership roles. Sheryl Sandberg and her Lean In Foundation may prove to be the most valuable and lasting legacy of the Facebook era.

[Stepping down from soapbox.]

As the weather cools, I’m in search of small projects that will move my lace knitting status from ‘totally boggled’ to ‘clumsily competent’. On trusty Ravelry, I find the Rosie Headband by Jane Richmond and decide to try producing a slightly warmer version for our unpredictable New England Indian Summer weather.


boreale350Wanting a hip, 21st Century look, I go to my WEBS-is-crack stash, choose St. Denis Boreale fingering-weight wool in azalea (neon pink), double it and cast on with an Addi Turbo U.S. 7 circ.

Then pray. Simultaneously try to watch the newest ‘Foyle’s War’, but am foiled by a labyrinth of double yarnovers. Ask myself: as a native crocheter, why does my forehead become damp and my hands clammy when faced with ‘just a bit of knitted lace’? After several frog-backs, I get it! It’s actually fun, and wow, it’s done in two 4-hour bursts of inspired yarnovering. It’s lovely – I’m kind of proud.


Voila! Hope she likes it.



File under: Things I’m glad I knit, but could have crocheted in about 12 minutes.