Nothing enhances the charm and beauty of Paris more than the floral finery of springtime.

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Burgeoning greenery in the gardens of the Musée Rodin surround and complement the array of August Rodin’s magnificent sculptures.

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Familiar, even clichéd street scenes take on a freshness that portends the coming warm season.

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The streets are beginning to stir with people and pets; new energy is found for walking, rain or shine, and for creating, perhaps a bright spring knit cardigan, or a new skirt in hemlock green.

Searching for just the right beautiful yarn, trendy fabric or distinctive buttons? There’s L’Atelier on Rue des Plantes — inspiring ribbons, buttons, yarn and more. The friendly staff are knowledgeable and not snobbish…one of many great haberdasheries in Paris.

LAtelier Rue des Plantes Paris

Enjoy the Spring!