LinkedIn is piloting a Skills section so job seekers can find out which aspects of their skill set are in demand, and which companies and states have job openings for those skills. This is a useful feature for small businesses and the self-employed, to keep your skills and keywords up to date. Check out the viability of your skill set in the current climate, and add skills to your LinkedIn profile:

  • Go to your LinkedIn page
  • On the nav bar at the top, mouse over the MORE button (this section has other useful links)
  • Click on Skills (beta). Enter your skill (E.G. accounting) and you will see different kinds of accounting listed.

  • On the left is a list of Related Skills you can explore later. On the right is a chart with Relative Growth, Size and Age. Checking Relative Growth for different kinds of accounting will show which areas are growing/shrinking; the idea is to focus on those that are growing (duh), and to add related keywords to the skill set on your resume.
  • You will also notice an Add Skill button: this will link the skill to your profile, and list you as an expert whenever that skill is searched upon by others. Pretty cool.

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