Clan Membership

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We all look forward to the day we can gather in Ireland as a family to celebrate our O’Donovan heritage. Though it’s uncertain when O’Donovans can convene in person in West Cork, we can connect with each other right now, to strengthen our ties of kinship. Our Virtual Gathering is one way to do this, as well as organizing our group into a formal legal entity.

To that end, we’re delighted to report that, thanks to the diligent efforts ofthe late Peter Spencer, the O’Donovans have become official members of the Clans of Ireland organization.  We anticipate that branches of our Clan will form around the world, to promote our pride and confidence in our O’Donovan heritage. Our emphasis will be on fellowship, connecting with fellow Clan members, family history and genealogy, and the history and culture of Ireland and the O’Donovan diaspora.

Clan members are encouraged to visit Castle Donovan at Drimoleague in West Cork, and to attend what is hoped will be frequent in-person Gatherings in Ireland and elsewhere. Through our Facebook groups, this website and the Clan O’Donovan mailing list, we urge all O’Donovan descendants to form new friendships, share family lore and make new memories together.

To help fund our fledging organization,we are pleased to offer Charter Membership in Clan O’Donovan, to those who join our ranks between 15 April and 1 July, 2022. At a one-time cost of $25 U.S. (or equivalent), you will receive a downloadable Certificate of Membership, asserting your place in the Clan O’Donovan.

Other benefits of Membership will include:

  • Priority ticketing for Gathering events

  • Members-only area on the O’Donovan Gathering website with special offers

  • Member pricing on O’Donovan swag (coming soon!)

  • Shopping Discounts and other perks from sponsors and vendors

After 1 July, 2022, the Membership Certificate fee will increase to $35. You will soon be able to pre-order your Certificate. You can proudly display it while contributing to the growth and sustainability of the O’Donovan Clan.


Watch this space for more information on how to pre-order your Clans of Ireland Membership Certificate!