5 Resources for Adding Pinterest to your Marketing Arsenal

5 Resources for Adding Pinterest to your Marketing Arsenal

If you haven’t just crawled out from under a rock, you’ve heard at least a bit about Pinterest.  Groan!  yet another ‘must-do’ in the ever-increasing volume of Marketing Musts!  But no, Pinterest is something unique and, some would say, dangerous.  How can an application  that lets you ‘borrow’ the images of others be good for business?  Countless opinions, arguments and tutorials have sprung up netwide to extol and dispute the value of Pinterest to the small business entrepreneur.  But the numbers don’t lie: there are now over 10 million users with a higher volume of activity than Twitter.

Here are 5 good resources to investigate before taking the Pinterest Plunge:


1. Entrepreneur Magazine’s Pinning with a Purpose:  good advice on profiling your markets before investing precious time in Pinterest development.

2. Todd Wasserman’s 5 Interesting Pinterest Campaigns:  Some good examples of Pinterest branding and P.R. by large corporations; also lists top 10 most-followed Pinterest users.

3.  HubSpot’s Ten Commandments of Using Pinterest for Business  Cute infographic ‘Commandments’ help organize your thoughts when adding Pinterest to you marketing plan.  They also offer a free ‘Pinterest for Business’ e-book.  We can all be grateful to HubSpot for generously sharing so much free information!

4.  Jeremy Cabalona’s Pinterest Image Optimization is a handy graphical tool for maximizing  the marketing impact of your Pinterest account.  So much can be done with images, tags, hashtags, pricing, oh my.

5.  Pinterest itself has a Business area that’s a roundup of Pinterest marketing strategies, full of advice, examples and infographics….definitely worth following.

Now that Pinterest accounts are free to all without the pesky Invite process, there’s no reason not to set up an account for your business!  Contact us for a free initial consultation on how you can leverage Pinterest to move your business forward.